Mephisto, a demonic entity in Marvel Comics often portrayed as a classic devil figure, is an immensely powerful and malevolent being within the Marvel Universe. His level of power and influence extends across various realms, and he is considered one of the most formidable and manipulative entities in the cosmology of Marvel Comics. Here are some key aspects of Mephisto’s power:

### 1. **Reality Warping:**
Mephisto possesses reality-warping abilities that allow him to manipulate and alter reality on a vast scale. He can create illusions, distort perceptions, and reshape the fabric of existence to suit his whims.

### 2. **Immortality:**
Mephisto is functionally immortal and does not age. He exists outside the conventional flow of time, making him an enduring and ancient entity within the Marvel Universe.

### 3. **Soul Manipulation:**
One of Mephisto’s defining characteristics is his control over souls. He can manipulate, collect, and barter souls, often making deals with individuals in exchange for power or desires. The infamous “Faustian bargain” is a recurring theme in Mephisto’s interactions with characters like Ghost Rider and others.

### 4. **Dimensional Manipulation:**
Mephisto rules over his own extradimensional realm, often referred to as “Mephisto’s Hell” or “Mephisto’s Realm.” This dimension is distinct from other infernal realms and serves as a domain where he exercises his dominion.

### 5. **Shapeshifting:**
Mephisto can alter his appearance and form at will. His shapeshifting abilities allow him to take on various guises, and he often appears in a form that suits his goals or manipulations.

### 6. **Teleportation:**
Mephisto can teleport across dimensions and travel vast distances instantaneously. This ability enhances his ability to influence events in different realms and interact with beings across the Marvel Multiverse.

### 7. **Magic Mastery:**
As a demonic entity, Mephisto is a master of dark magic. His magical prowess surpasses many other mystical beings, and he can cast spells, summon creatures, and tap into supernatural forces with ease.

### 8. **Influence Over Cosmic Entities:**
Mephisto’s influence extends to cosmic entities, and he has interacted with powerful beings such as Galactus and even the cosmic abstracts. His manipulative nature allows him to play a role in events that impact the broader Marvel Universe.

### 9. **Resilience to Cosmic Threats:**
Mephisto has demonstrated resilience to cosmic-level threats, surviving encounters with powerful entities and even weathering cosmic events that could devastate lesser beings.

While Mephisto is undeniably powerful, his character is often defined by a certain set of rules dictated by cosmic balances and agreements. For instance, he is bound by certain restrictions in directly claiming the souls of heroes protected by divine forces. Despite these limitations, Mephisto remains a malevolent force that embodies the darker aspects of the Marvel Multiverse.