Electro, one of Spider-Man’s electrifying adversaries in Marvel Comics, possesses a range of formidable abilities associated with his control over electricity. Here are the key attributes that define Electro:

**1. Electrokinesis:**
– Electro’s primary ability is the power to generate and control electricity. This grants him the capacity to manipulate electrical fields, generate powerful electric blasts, and discharge bolts of lightning at his enemies. His control over this elemental force is both precise and destructive.

**2. Electric Blasts:**
– Electro can unleash potent bolts of electricity, either in the form of focused beams or widespread blasts. These electric projectiles can cause significant damage to both individuals and objects, making Electro a formidable force in ranged combat.

**3. Flight (limited):**
– In some iterations, Electro has demonstrated limited flight capabilities by riding on currents of electricity. This added dimension enhances his mobility, allowing him to navigate the battlefield with increased agility.

**4. Electrical Absorption:**
– Electro has the ability to absorb electrical energy from various sources, including power lines or electronic devices. This absorption not only recharges his powers but also allows him to temporarily disable electrical systems in his vicinity.

**5. Electric Aura:**
– Electro can envelop himself in an electric aura, acting as a protective shield against physical attacks. This aura enhances his durability and serves as a deterrent against close-quarters combat.

**6. Technopathy (limited):**
– In some storylines, Electro has exhibited a limited form of technopathy, enabling him to interface with and control electronic devices. This skill expands his capabilities beyond the manipulation of raw electrical energy.

**7. Enhanced Strength (in some versions):**
– Certain iterations of Electro depict him with enhanced physical strength, granting him an additional advantage in hand-to-hand combat. This strength, combined with his electric powers, makes him a formidable adversary for Spider-Man and other superheroes.

**8. Resistance to Electricity:**
– Due to his electrically charged physiology, Electro is generally resistant to the harmful effects of electricity. This resistance makes him immune to his own powers and provides him with a unique advantage in battles where electricity is a factor.

**9. Energy Projection:**
– Electro can project his electrical energy in various forms, not only as destructive blasts but also as a means of manipulating the environment. This versatility adds depth to his combat tactics, allowing him to adapt to different situations.

In summary, Electro’s abilities revolve around his mastery of electricity, providing him with a diverse range of offensive and defensive capabilities. His control over this powerful elemental force makes him a perennial and electrifying threat in the world of Spider-Man and Marvel Comics.