Ghost Rider possesses a formidable set of supernatural powers granted by his connection to the Spirit of Vengeance. The powers of Ghost Rider, typically associated with individuals like Johnny Blaze, include:

1. **Hellfire Manipulation:** Ghost Rider can generate and control mystical, ethereal flames known as Hellfire. This supernatural fire is different from conventional fire and can burn the soul as well as the body.

2. **Penance Stare:** One of Ghost Rider’s signature abilities, the Penance Stare allows him to make eye contact with his adversaries, causing them to experience all the pain and suffering they have inflicted upon others. This can be especially devastating for those with a history of wrongdoing.

3. **Superhuman Strength:** Ghost Rider possesses superhuman strength, allowing him to engage in physical combat with enhanced beings and overpower opponents with sheer force.

4. **Durability:** Ghost Rider’s supernatural nature grants him a high degree of durability. He can withstand intense physical damage, including attacks that would be fatal to a regular human.

5. **Healing Factor:** Ghost Rider has a regenerative healing factor that allows him to recover from injuries at an accelerated rate. This ability enables him to endure significant trauma and bounce back quickly.

6. **Mystical Chain Manipulation:** Ghost Rider wields a mystical chain that he can control with great precision. This enchanted chain can extend, change shape, and is often used as both a weapon and a tool to bind or restrain foes.

7. **Motorcycle Manipulation:** Ghost Rider’s iconic motorcycle is itself enchanted, allowing him to manipulate and control it with supernatural precision. The motorcycle can perform feats beyond the capabilities of a regular bike.

8. **Intangibility and Phasing:** Ghost Rider can become intangible, allowing him to pass through solid objects. This ability, often associated with the ethereal nature of the Spirit of Vengeance, adds a ghostly aspect to his powers.

9. **Enhanced Agility:** Ghost Rider possesses enhanced agility, allowing him to move with remarkable speed and dexterity. This agility contributes to his effectiveness in both combat and evasive maneuvers.

10. **Immortality:** Ghost Rider is functionally immortal. As the host for the Spirit of Vengeance, he is immune to the effects of aging and cannot be killed by conventional means. This immortality contributes to his role as an enduring force of supernatural justice.

These powers collectively make Ghost Rider a formidable and supernatural entity, blending elements of horror and superhero genres. The character’s abilities reflect his role as an avenger of the innocent and a purveyor of divine retribution.