Clayface, a formidable adversary in the DC Comics universe, possesses a unique set of powers that make him a formidable foe. Born as Basil Karlo, he initially appeared in Detective Comics #40 in 1940. Over the years, various individuals have assumed the mantle of Clayface, each with distinct abilities tied to their clay-like composition.

1. **Shape-Shifting:** The primary ability of Clayface is his unparalleled mastery of shape-shifting. He can alter his physical appearance at will, morphing into virtually any form or person he desires. This makes him an incredibly versatile and elusive adversary, capable of impersonating anyone with uncanny accuracy.

2. **Superhuman Strength:** Clayface’s body is not only malleable but also superhumanly strong. This strength gives him a significant advantage in physical confrontations, allowing him to overpower opponents with ease.

3. **Regeneration:** One of Clayface’s most resilient features is his ability to regenerate. Whether damaged in battle or deformed, he can rapidly reform his body, healing injuries and returning to his original state. This regeneration makes him a challenging opponent to defeat.

4. **Density Control:** Clayface can manipulate his density, allowing him to become denser or less dense at will. This power contributes to his strength and durability, as he can increase his mass for enhanced physical might or decrease it to slip through tight spaces.

5. **Malleability:** Beyond simple shape-shifting, Clayface can manipulate the finer details of his form. He can stretch his limbs over great distances, elongate his body, and reshape his features with precision, granting him a wide range of offensive and defensive options.

6. **Adaptability:** Clayface can assimilate the properties of materials he comes into contact with, incorporating them into his clay-like form. This adaptability enhances his capabilities, allowing him to withstand various attacks and environmental challenges.

7. **Hive Mind:** In certain storylines, Clayface has demonstrated a hive mind ability, enabling him to control and command smaller clay-like minions. This adds an extra layer of complexity to his threat level, as he can overwhelm opponents with sheer numbers.

Despite these formidable powers, Clayface often grapples with the psychological toll of his condition, as the struggle to maintain his identity becomes a recurring theme in his narratives. Over the years, Clayface has been a recurring and compelling antagonist within Batman’s rogues’ gallery, showcasing the creative storytelling possibilities that arise from his unique set of abilities.