Madame Web, a character in Marvel Comics, possesses unique psychic and precognitive abilities. Here are some of Madame Web’s notable powers:

1. **Precognition:**
– Madame Web has the ability to perceive events before they occur, granting her a form of precognition. This power allows her to glimpse into the future, foreseeing potential outcomes and dangers.

2. **Psychic Sensing:**
– She possesses heightened psychic senses, enabling her to detect and analyze psychic energies. This ability aids her in understanding the thoughts and emotions of others.

3. **Telepathy:**
– Madame Web can communicate telepathically, establishing a mental link with individuals. This telepathic connection allows her to share information, thoughts, and guidance.

4. **Clairvoyance:**
– In addition to precognition, Madame Web has clairvoyant abilities, allowing her to gain insight into events or situations beyond normal perception.

5. **Astral Projection:**
– Madame Web can project her consciousness outside of her physical body, entering an astral form. This astral projection enables her to navigate through different planes of existence and observe events from a non-corporeal perspective.

6. **Enhanced Awareness:**
– Her psychic abilities grant Madame Web an enhanced awareness of her surroundings. This heightened awareness contributes to her role as a seer and advisor.

7. **Limited Telekinesis:**
– Madame Web possesses a limited degree of telekinetic ability, allowing her to manipulate objects with her mind to some extent.

It’s important to note that Madame Web’s powers have varied over different storylines and interpretations within Marvel Comics. Additionally, multiple characters have taken on the mantle of Madame Web, with notable individuals including Cassandra Webb and Julia Carpenter. Each incarnation may exhibit slightly different nuances in their psychic abilities.