Why I Always Write A Few Blog Posts That Are Off Topic On My Affiliate Websites, My Full Method For How I Build Niche Market Sites

In this blog post, I’ll discuss why I always write a few blog posts that are off topic on affiliate websites, and will give away exactly what I do with affiliate content to make money online with SEO. SEO is probably my favorite obsession of all time, and of all the addictions I’ve had in life, SEO definitely takes the number one spot! One thing I love about it is the total freedom, the ability to make money from home without a boss screaming at you about something, and the fact that you can just sit at the computer and grind, and the sites WILL eventually get traffic, no matter how you build these things in your crazy mind! Now it may not be a million dollar blog overnight, but if you say post 1 good article per year for 3 years on any site, that’s 1000 good pieces of content. With just some basic social bookmarking, tweeting, internal linking and Yoast optimization, you should theoretically have a cash flowing site with either ads or affiliate links. And that’s what I love about the game so much, your start up costs are virtually nothing, and you can just build up passive income sources by hand with whatever free time you have. Read on to hear more about my future plans with affiliate marketing!

Here are some other blog topics I plan on adding to my website portfolio:

Zoo animals

Why I Always Write A Few Blog Posts That Are Off Topic On Affiliate WebsitesTech




The Walking Dead



Affiliate Marketing

Video Editing


Jewelry/Luxury Goods


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Why I Write a Random Off Topic Blog Post On Each Affiliate Website I Make

Mainly because it’s fun and it helps build momentum. Many affiliate marketing guru’s would probably disagree, but I find it helps you get to that next number of blog post, and ads a bit of a creative spark to your work that keeps you going. At the end of the day, the pace that your affiliate website grows is as much a matter of psychology and how much you can actually convince yourself to write on the website, as it is how many backlinks or niche oriented blog posts you can add to the site. At the end of the day, I feel that taking a more flexible and creative approach to SEO and building affiliate websites, is a much better strategy, than the scientific and rigid approach for most people that attempt to make money online.

I tend to subscribe much more to the Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate Method of building affiliate sites, than I do even Matthew Woodward or Matt Diggity, who are both HIGH level experts in the field of SEO, but who can both also go so extreme at times that they can make you think it’s virtually impossible. They are so damn smart and experienced they don’t even realize that it’s off-putting sometimes. And so, I write the random post for flexibility, for momentum, and to hit the number I have in my head about when I can stop posting to the blog.

My New Affiliate Marketing Strategy That I’m Super Excited About

Well I guess I shouldn’t say affiliate marketing strategy since it will rely primarily on advertisements, but basically what I’m going to do is hand write articles up to 100 good blog posts, 1000 to 1500 words each on a site, for an entire topic. So I just did this with a superheroes blog, both Marvel and DC, with a Spiderman heavy focus, on Spideyvsmonsterock.com. Next I’m thinking of doing a Zoo Animals Blog focusing primarily on Lion’s and Tigers with some other animals spilled in. Get to 100 blog posts, do some manual social bookmarking and some Twitter blog posts, edit all the content, optimize it on Yoast, build a Silo Architecture, submit all the URLs in Google Webmaster Tools, wait 3 months then put the site on an Ad platform. Should get it to around $5 or $10 per month. Rinse and repeat. With myself and my business partner writing all weekend, we could likely throw up a site like this within a few weeks and could have dozens and dozens of sites like this over a span of a few years! I think this will be much more fun and profitable than just randomly adding posts to one blog.

Hope it works, I’m excited but also a bit nervous, wish me luck and thanks for reading.





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