What Is Batmans IQ?

What Is Batman's IQ? And What Fields Is He An Expert In? Batman's IQ is said to be around 200. He is an expert in various fields such as criminology, forensics, physical combat, and strategy. He is also a master of escapology and deduction. Batman has been trained by some of the best martial artists in the world and is a highly skilled fighter. He is a computer programmer, a detective, a crime fighter, a master strategist of aliens and superheroes, [...]

How Was The Batman Who Laughs Defeated

How Was The Batman Who Laughs Defeated? The Best Comic Book I've Ever Read How was the Batman who laughs defeated? This is a very good question about someone who is likely the most powerful supervillain in all of the DC comics ever, or at least somewhat close to it. As someone who is so smart, and so oriented towards being proactive, we see the Batman who laughs take out Superman and the rest of the justice league, as well as [...]

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