Batman is known for his peak human physical condition, exceptional strength, and rigorous training. However, his exact lifting capacity can vary depending on the specific comic book or adaptation, as different writers and interpretations may depict his abilities differently. Batman is not typically depicted as having superhuman strength like characters such as Superman or Wonder Woman. Instead, he relies on his intelligence, combat skills, and an array of gadgets to overcome challenges.

In most interpretations, Batman’s strength is described as being at the peak of human potential. He has undergone intense physical training, enabling him to lift and carry heavy objects that surpass the capabilities of an ordinary person. While there is no definitive measurement of his lifting capacity, Batman is often depicted as being able to lift several hundred pounds, possibly even exceeding a ton in certain instances.

It’s important to note that Batman’s strength is not his primary attribute. He relies more on his strategic thinking, detective skills, and martial arts prowess to defeat his enemies and overcome obstacles. His physical strength is usually depicted as being sufficient to handle most situations he encounters, but it is not his sole focus or the defining aspect of his character.