Does Carnage Know Who Spiderman Is In The Comic Books?

Yes, Carnage (also known as Cletus Kasady) knows Spider-Man’s secret identity in the comic books. In fact, Carnage has had several encounters with Spider-Man and has been a recurring antagonist in his comics. During one of their encounters, Carnage discovered Spider-Man’s true identity as Peter Parker and has used this knowledge to torment and threaten him in subsequent storylines. In this blog post, let’s look at the full story on does Carnage know who Spiderman is!

Give Me Some Examples of When Spiderman Has Fought Carnage?

Does Carnage Know Who Spiderman is in the Comic Books?Sure, here are some examples of when Spider-Man has fought Carnage in the comic books:

  1. “The Amazing Spider-Man” #361-363 (1992) – This three-part storyline features the first appearance of Carnage and sees Spider-Man team up with Venom to take down the deadly symbiote.
  2. “Carnage USA” (2011) – In this storyline, Carnage takes over an entire town and turns its residents into his mindless followers. Spider-Man, along with a team of heroes, must stop him before he spreads his carnage across the country.
  3. “Maximum Carnage” (1993) – This crossover event features Spider-Man teaming up with several other superheroes to take down Carnage and his team of supervillains. The storyline spanned multiple comics and featured some of the most intense battles between Spider-Man and Carnage.
  4. “Venom vs. Carnage” (2004) – In this limited series, Venom and Carnage both come to New York City to track down a new symbiote. Spider-Man gets caught in the middle of their battle and must try to stop them before they cause too much destruction.

These are just a few examples of Spider-Man’s battles with Carnage, but there are many more throughout the character’s comic book history.

Sure! The symbiotes are a fictional alien race in the Marvel Comics universe, and one of the most famous symbiotes is the black costume that Spider-Man wore in the 1980s. Here’s some more information about Spider-Man and the symbiotes:

  1. Origin: The symbiotes were originally created by a writer named David Michelinie and an artist named Todd McFarlane, and they first appeared in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #252 (May 1984). The black costume was initially portrayed as a new costume that Spider-Man discovered during the “Secret Wars” crossover event, but it was later revealed to be a symbiote that had attached itself to Spider-Man and was trying to permanently bond with him.
  2. Powers: The symbiotes have a variety of powers, including enhanced strength, speed, and agility, as well as the ability to shape-shift and generate tendrils and weapons from their bodies. They also have the ability to communicate telepathically with their hosts.
  3. Eddie Brock: After Spider-Man rejected the symbiote, it bonded with Eddie Brock, a disgraced journalist who blamed Spider-Man for his downfall. Together, Brock and the symbiote became Venom, one of Spider-Man’s most famous villains.
  4. Other symbiotes: Over the years, many other symbiotes have been introduced in the Marvel Comics universe, including Carnage (the offspring of Venom), Toxin (the offspring of Carnage), and many others.
  5. Impact on Spider-Man: The black costume and the symbiotes have had a significant impact on Spider-Man’s character and mythology. The costume and the symbiotes have been the focus of many popular storylines and have led to the introduction of some of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains. The symbiotes have also been used as a metaphor for addiction and mental illness, as Spider-Man struggled to rid himself of the black costume and Eddie Brock struggled with his own inner demons while bonded with the symbiote.


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