How Spider-Man Could Beat Carnage in a Fight

Spider-Man is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, known for his incredible agility, strength, and spider-like abilities. However, when he faces Carnage, a powerful and unpredictable villain with his own symbiote powers, even Spider-Man can struggle. So how could Spider-Man beat Carnage in a fight? Here are some strategies he might use, and here’s how Spiderman could beat Carnage in a fight.

  1. Use His Intelligence

How Spiderman Could Beat Carnage in a FightSpider-Man is not just physically strong, but also very smart. He could use his intelligence to outsmart Carnage, predicting his moves and staying one step ahead. As Spider-Man himself says in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #361, the issue in which he first faces Carnage, “I’m not just brawn, you know. I’ve got brains, too.”

  1. Exploit Carnage’s Weaknesses

Despite his immense power, Carnage has some weaknesses that Spider-Man could exploit. For example, Carnage’s symbiote is vulnerable to sonic waves, so Spider-Man could use his web-shooters to create a sonic blast that would weaken Carnage’s grip.

  1. Keep His Distance

Carnage’s symbiote is not just powerful, but also highly contagious. If Spider-Man gets too close to Carnage, there’s a risk that the symbiote could bond with him as well, giving Carnage even more power. Spider-Man could try to keep his distance and use his web-slinging abilities to stay out of Carnage’s reach.

  1. Work with Other Heroes

Spider-Man is not the only hero in the Marvel Universe who has faced Carnage. He could team up with other heroes who have experience battling symbiotes, such as Venom or the Guardians of the Galaxy. Together, they might be able to take down Carnage more effectively than any one hero could on their own.

In conclusion, while Carnage is a formidable opponent, there are several strategies that Spider-Man could use to beat him in a fight. By using his intelligence, exploiting Carnage’s weaknesses, keeping his distance, and working with other heroes, Spider-Man might just be able to emerge victorious. It won’t be easy, but as Spider-Man himself says, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

is Spiderman smarter than carnage?

Yes, Spider-Man is generally considered to be smarter than Carnage. Spider-Man is known for his intelligence, having been depicted as a brilliant scientist and inventor, and he has used his intellect to defeat many foes over the years. In contrast, while Carnage is powerful and unpredictable, he is not known for his intelligence or strategic thinking. Therefore, in a battle of wits, Spider-Man would likely have the advantage.

The Full List of All Symbiotes in the MCU, How Spiderman Could beat Carnage in a Fight With Partners

As of September 2021, there are no symbiotes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, there have been hints that symbiotes could be introduced in future movies or TV shows. In the comics, there have been many symbiotes besides Venom and Carnage, some of which include:

  • Toxin: a symbiote offspring of Carnage that bonds with NYPD officer Patrick Mulligan
  • Scream: a female symbiote that is part of the “Life Foundation” and has the ability to create powerful sonic blasts
  • Riot: another symbiote created by the Life Foundation, with the ability to shape-shift and manipulate its body
  • Phage: a symbiote with the ability to create weapons from its own body
  • Lasher: a symbiote with the ability to generate extremely strong and durable tendrils
  • Agony: a symbiote with acidic spit and the ability to extend its limbs to great lengths

It remains to be seen which symbiotes, if any, will be introduced in the MCU and how they will be depicted.


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