In various iterations of Wonder Woman’s character, she is often depicted as having superhuman strength that surpasses the average human, including the strength of multiple men. However, the exact extent of her strength can vary depending on the comic book storyline, creative team, or adaptation.

In the original Golden Age comics, Wonder Woman was said to possess the strength of Hercules, and later adaptations expanded on this idea. In some versions, her strength has been described as comparable to that of several men combined or even the strength of ten men. However, it’s important to note that these descriptions are often figurative and not meant to be taken as literal measurements.

Wonder Woman’s strength allows her to perform incredible feats such as lifting heavy objects, overpowering opponents, and even engaging in combat with powerful foes. Her strength is often considered one of her primary abilities, alongside her agility, speed, and other superhuman powers.

It’s worth mentioning that the portrayal of Wonder Woman’s strength can vary across different comic book runs, adaptations, and interpretations, so the exact magnitude of her abilities may differ depending on the specific source material.