In comic book canon, Wonder Woman’s romantic relationships have been depicted with a few characters over the years. However, it is important to note that the depiction of sexual encounters in comic books is often subtle or left to the reader’s imagination, with explicit content rarely shown.

Wonder Woman’s most notable romantic interest and occasional love interest is Steve Trevor, a U.S. military intelligence officer and her frequent companion. Their relationship has been depicted in various adaptations, including comic books, animated series, and the 2017 live-action film “Wonder Woman.”

Additionally, Wonder Woman has been involved with other characters in different storylines and alternate universes. Some examples include:

  1. Superman: In certain versions and alternate timelines, there have been romantic connections between Wonder Woman and Superman. These relationships are explored in various storylines and iterations of DC Comics.
  2. Batman: Similar to her connection with Superman, Wonder Woman has had romantic tension and flirtatious moments with Batman in certain comic book storylines. However, the depth of their relationship varies depending on the interpretation.
  3. Aquaman: In some stories, Wonder Woman and Aquaman have been depicted as having a romantic connection. These instances often occur in alternative continuities or limited series.

It’s worth mentioning that the nature of comic book storytelling means that relationships and character interactions can be reimagined and retconned, resulting in different pairings and narratives. The specific details and extent of romantic encounters between superheroes can vary depending on the specific comic book storylines and the creative teams behind them.