Dormammu is an immensely powerful and ancient mystical entity in the Marvel Comics, and he is often depicted as one of Doctor Strange’s most formidable adversaries. Here are some aspects that showcase Dormammu’s power:

1. **Cosmic Entity:**
Dormammu is classified as a cosmic entity, placing him on a level of power beyond that of most characters in the Marvel Universe. He is a primordial being with abilities that transcend the laws of physics and reality.

2. **Mastery of Dark Magic:**
Dormammu is a master of dark magic and possesses a vast array of mystical powers. He can manipulate magical energies, cast spells, and warp reality to suit his desires. His magical prowess is virtually unmatched.

3. **Dimensional Manipulation:**
Dormammu rules over the Dark Dimension, a mystical realm that he has shaped and dominated. He can manipulate this dimension to his advantage, altering its landscapes and properties to suit his needs.

4. **Immortality:**
Dormammu is functionally immortal. He does not age and is immune to conventional forms of death. This immortality, combined with his vast knowledge of magic, makes him a nearly eternal force.

5. **Energy Projection:**
Dormammu can project powerful energy beams and mystical attacks. These energy projections can be devastating and are a significant aspect of his offensive capabilities.

6. **Reality Warping:**
As a being of immense mystical power, Dormammu can warp reality at will. This ability allows him to reshape the environment, create illusions, and manipulate the fabric of reality itself.

7. **Interdimensional Travel:**
Dormammu has the ability to traverse different dimensions and realities. This makes him a versatile and elusive adversary, capable of moving between realms with ease.

8. **Invulnerability:**
Dormammu is highly resistant to conventional forms of attack. His magical nature and mastery over mystical forces make him a challenging opponent to harm or defeat through conventional means.

9. **Dealing with Cosmic Entities:**
Dormammu has interacted with other powerful cosmic entities within the Marvel Universe. His status and influence extend beyond Earth, making him a force to be reckoned with on a cosmic scale.

It’s important to note that Dormammu’s power level may vary slightly depending on the specific comic storyline or adaptation. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Dormammu is portrayed as a powerful and menacing force in the film “Doctor Strange,” where he exists as a cosmic threat to the fabric of reality. Overall, Dormammu is a quintessential representation of cosmic and mystical power in the Marvel Comics lore.