The TVA Null Time Zone, My Review Of The Loki TV Show

The TVA null time zone is by far one of the most interesting concepts in all the Marvel Universe. It is eerie and it is extremely thought provoking and for the most part it is pretty darn cool to watch on TV. The TVA Null Time zone essentially means that, much like Mobius said, “time passes differently at the TVA” it is like one really longgggg 9 to 5 work day there. The show reminds me quite a bit of what it is like to be an Accountant or to work in Wealth Management. It is extremely difficult, if you lose the game the losses are huge, however there are not massively huge rewards on the other side, just your average ability to retire. I hope to see much more of Loki in Season 2, and can’t wait to see how the writers pull this one off!

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The TVA Null Time Zone


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