Loki Season Two, Why I Think The TVA Will Be Able to Take Down Kang the Conqueror 

The marvel show that I am by far mostly excited about in phase 4, is Loki season two. Aside from the fact that I am a normal working American with a 9 to 5, I think that the show is so cool with the way that they throw Loki, God of Asgard, who used to run around attacking people, as a 9-to-5 who now is anxious and hast to impress his boss. He has complete power and control over Loki, and in most ways he is completely defenseless when he is in there. He eventually comes around and works as a TVA analyst, learning and understanding more about the nature of reality and they ever could, after his meeting with Kang.

Loki Season 2Other characters we will cover on this website include the following:





Kang the Conqueorer

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What I really like the most about the time variance authority and season one of Loki, is how unique of a concept it is. The concept is basically that there is a highly efficient bureaucracy that runs like clockwork, what looks like very similar to how wealth management office or an insurance company would run, and the company essentially runs and maintains all of time. The zone they are in is called the north time zone, infinity stones don’t work there humans can never fade away, in that they are essentially in a state of frozen time, and the lake. It is a really cool theory, and it is essentially a metaphor for what the existence of God would be in the marvel comics universe. Add to verse the fact that you essentially have one man controlling all of it, who is said to be the only one with free will, and you have yourself a pretty darn cool story. It is a really mind-boggling concept, and I really enjoy the scenes with Loki walking around the TV with Mobius fixing everything. The actors that they picked for each of those roles were downright perfect, and I don’t think I will find myself a better MCU series if I try!




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