Pepper Potts, also known as Rescue in her superhero persona, is a prominent character in the Marvel Universe. While she may not have an extensive rogues’ gallery like some superheroes, she has encountered various adversaries in her role as both a business executive and a superhero. Let’s explore some of the notable enemies that Pepper Potts has faced.

### Obadiah Stane (Iron Monger)

Obadiah Stane, portrayed by Jeff Bridges in the “Iron Man” film, becomes a significant adversary for Pepper Potts. Stane, the business rival of Tony Stark, orchestrates a hostile takeover of Stark Industries. While primarily a foe of Iron Man, Stane’s actions impact Pepper Potts directly, leading to a confrontation that highlights her resilience and resourcefulness.

### Justin Hammer

Justin Hammer, portrayed by Sam Rockwell in the MCU, is a rival industrialist and frequent adversary of Tony Stark. While Hammer is more directly a nemesis of Iron Man, his unscrupulous business practices and attempts to undermine Stark Industries have repercussions for Pepper Potts. The conflicts with Hammer explore the challenges of navigating the cutthroat world of corporate intrigue.

### Mallen

Mallen, a bio-terrorist with enhanced abilities, becomes a formidable opponent for Pepper Potts in the “Rescue” comic series. Mallen’s actions pose a direct threat to Stark Industries and prompt Pepper to don the Rescue armor. The conflicts with Mallen showcase Pepper’s courage and determination in stepping into the role of a superhero to protect those she cares about.

### Ghost

Ghost, portrayed by Hannah John-Kamen in the MCU, is a high-tech saboteur with a personal vendetta against corporations. While Ghost’s primary adversary is Ant-Man, Pepper Potts, in her role as Rescue, becomes entangled in the conflict. The clashes with Ghost highlight Pepper’s capacity to handle both the technological and physical challenges posed by her adversaries.

### Sunset Bain

Sunset Bain, also known as Madame Menace, is a businesswoman and antagonist in the Marvel comics. Her criminal activities and dealings with various superpowered individuals have brought her into conflict with Pepper Potts. The conflicts with Sunset Bain explore the intersection of corporate power and criminal enterprises.

### Ezekiel Stane

Ezekiel Stane, the son of Obadiah Stane, is a technological genius and adversary of Iron Man. While Ezekiel primarily targets Tony Stark, his actions have consequences for Pepper Potts and Stark Industries. The conflicts with Ezekiel Stane showcase the ongoing challenges faced by Pepper as she navigates the complex landscape of business and superheroics.

In conclusion, while Pepper Potts may not have a vast array of personal enemies, her character has encountered formidable challenges tied to her role at Stark Industries and her involvement in the world of superheroes. The conflicts with these adversaries highlight Pepper’s resilience, intelligence, and capacity to step into the role of a superhero when circumstances demand it.