The black suit, also known as the symbiote suit, represents a significant chapter in Spider-Man’s comic book history. Here are the primary powers associated with the black suited Spider-Man:

1. **Enhanced Strength and Agility:**
The symbiote suit enhances Spider-Man’s physical abilities, granting him superhuman strength and agility. This augmentation allows him to lift heavier objects, jump greater distances, and move with increased speed and precision.

2. **Durability:**
The black suit provides Spider-Man with increased durability, offering enhanced resistance to physical damage. This added toughness makes him more resilient in battles against powerful adversaries.

3. **Wall-Crawling:**
Spider-Man’s ability to cling to and crawl on surfaces, including walls and ceilings, is augmented by the symbiote suit. This power remains a fundamental aspect of his enhanced mobility.

4. **Webbing Generation:**
While the ability to produce webs is inherent to Spider-Man, the black suit enhances this power. The symbiote suit typically generates a more durable and versatile form of webbing, allowing for various applications in combat and traversal.

5. **Spider-Sense:**
Spider-Man’s innate danger sense, often referred to as the “spider-sense,” is heightened while wearing the black suit. This enhanced awareness alerts him to potential threats, providing a crucial advantage in anticipating and evading danger.

6. **Adaptability:**
The symbiote suit demonstrates a unique adaptability, allowing it to mimic civilian clothing or transform into different costumes at Spider-Man’s mental command. This feature adds a layer of versatility to Spider-Man’s appearance.

7. **Camouflage:**
The black suit provides Spider-Man with the ability to blend into his surroundings, effectively rendering him invisible. This camouflage ability contributes to stealth and surprise tactics in various situations.

8. **Constituent-Matter Manipulation:**
The symbiote suit can manifest tendrils and appendages, providing Spider-Man with additional tools in combat. These extensions can be used for offense, defense, or to restrain opponents.

It’s important to note that the black suit’s origin is tied to an alien symbiote that initially bonded with Spider-Man during the “Secret Wars” storyline. Eventually, due to the negative impact on Peter Parker’s life, he separates from the symbiote, which later finds a new host in Eddie Brock, becoming the infamous Venom. The powers associated with the black suit showcase a darker and more formidable side of Spider-Man, emphasizing both the advantages and potential risks of its influence on the character.