How to Get Peter Parker Costume In Spiderman 2000, A Very Difficult One to Get Your Hands On

How to get Peter Parker costume in Spiderman 2000 the Videogame for either the Play Station 1 or for the Personal Computer, is actually fairly easy once you know what to do, but very difficult to find out if you are flying blind. The way to get the Peter Parker costume in Spiderman 2000 is to locate the hidden Kraven Room in the Item Hunt Training. You get quick change Spidey in a very similar, yet much more difficult way, and you get that suit through scoring about 10,000 points in the zip line item hunt challenge, which by the way is impossible and takes a ton of practice, I myself have been playing the game for years and can’t get more than say 5,000 points on that level. The Peter Parker costume is a very fun one to play with, as it is kind of fun to take what looks like a normal human, being Peter Parker, and have the character run around barefoot fighting Spiderman bad guys. In particular, I enjoy the one where Parker fights Venom, as it is fun to show how Peter can fight against such a massive Monster, which is how they made the character Venom out to be. Enjoy the video and please consider subscribing to my Youtube channel where I have more videos on all things Spiderman, as well as on old PS1 games that I will be getting into playing and posting.

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