Stopping The Fog, My Review Of This Awesome Spiderman 2000 Level, And My Personal Youtube Channel’s Video to Boot!

Stopping the fog is one of my favorite endgame levels to play in the Spiderman 2000 Play Station 1 game. The level starts off with Spiderman entering a new arena, having just made it past the Underwater Trenches level, which I rank as by far amongst my top five favorite levels to play, and with you now in a new venue. Spiderman pauses at one point to say something along the lines of “this must be where the fog is coming from” before he proceeds to run to the center of the room and attack the remaining Symbiotes. Indeed, this is where the fog is coming from, and you first find this out when you enter the first unlocked room and see your old friend Black Cat (think back to the beginning of the game and remember that she was taken prisoner by Doctor Octopus around the Spidey vs Rhino! Level of the game). In order to release her, you will need to get enough pressure to shut down the power in the building so that the force field will crash for a second and she can escape. You do this by opening all of the others doors and by allowing the fog to basically blow up, which takes out the power and stops the fog completely.

Some highlights of this level, both in Spiderman 2000 What If Mode And In Regular Mode Are:

Stopping The FogBananas in a tailpipe joke

Black Cat looks increasingly more attractive in this level

This level is where Spiderman fixes the fog for the entire city

This is the level just before the Big 3 Final Bosses

Doctor Octopus


Monster Ock

And the remaining levels, see the video below;