How Did Spiderman Defeat Venom The First Time?

How Did Spiderman Defeat Venom The First time? Spiderman and Venom have a long and complicated history, but the first time they ever faced off was way back in 1984. It was actually a pretty even match, with neither fighter getting the upper hand for very long. In the end, Spiderman was only able to defeat Venom by trapsing him in a giant net and then using his webbing to immobilize him. It was a pretty close call, but Spiderman was [...]

How Long Have Tony And Rhodey Been Best Friends?

How Long Have Tony And Rhodey Been Best Friends, An Analysis Of How They Relate To Each Other I really like the friendship dynamic between Tony Stark and Colonel James Rhodes, in that they both highly respect each other, and both see each other as really good friends and as extremely competent people. We have Tony who needs Rhodey in his life as kind of a best friend, and we have Colonel Rhodes, definitely needs tony stark in his life to [...]

What Is Batmans IQ?

What Is Batman's IQ? And What Fields Is He An Expert In? Batman's IQ is said to be around 200. He is an expert in various fields such as criminology, forensics, physical combat, and strategy. He is also a master of escapology and deduction. Batman has been trained by some of the best martial artists in the world and is a highly skilled fighter. He is a computer programmer, a detective, a crime fighter, a master strategist of aliens and superheroes, [...]

How Would Batman Defeat The Justice League?

How Would Batman Defeat The Justice League? In this blog post, we will talk about how Batman defeated the Justice league by himself. But first, a bit of a background on who the Justice League is. The Justice League is a team of super-powered individuals who work together to protect the world from evil. The team is made up of some of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe, including Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter. Batman [...]

How Was The Batman Who Laughs Defeated

How Was The Batman Who Laughs Defeated? The Best Comic Book I've Ever Read How was the Batman who laughs defeated? This is a very good question about someone who is likely the most powerful supervillain in all of the DC comics ever, or at least somewhat close to it. As someone who is so smart, and so oriented towards being proactive, we see the Batman who laughs take out Superman and the rest of the justice league, as well as [...]

Why Are The Infinity Stones Useless At The TVA?

Why Are The Infinity Stones Useless At the TVA? I really like the idea that the TVA is all powerful in the Marvel universe, and I’m loving the fact that infinity stones are essentially worthless there, and are literally being used as paperweights by TVA office workers. They have no qualm for anything in the normal realm, and the only time this law is broken, is when Ultron gets his hands on all of them, and he’s able to basically bounce [...]

Spiderman Sigma Male Grindset

SpiderMan Sigma Male Grindset, why Spider-Man embodies the sigma male attitude more than any other superhero Being a sigma male, and embodying the Spider-Man sigma male grindset, basically means not taking it from anyone, not being an alpha, and instead being a sigma, meaning that they are more individual type of alpha, and that they don’t look for high status in popular society, instead preferring to keep to themselves, build businesses, and make tons of money. Spider-Man has this mindset to [...]

Spiderman 2000 PS1 Full Gameplay

Spiderman 2000 PS1 Full Gameplay, A Take On How to Play This Game Properly This blog post will give a brief overview for the Spiderman 2000 PS1 full gameplay, and of what levels are the most fun, and what cheat codes you can use to get through each and every level. I have got to say that this is probably the most fun and iconic Spiderman game that I have ever played before, and it is actually freakishly addicting, even more [...]

How to Get Peter Parker Costume In Spiderman 2000

How to Get Peter Parker Costume In Spiderman 2000, A Very Difficult One to Get Your Hands On How to get Peter Parker costume in Spiderman 2000 the Videogame for either the Play Station 1 or for the Personal Computer, is actually fairly easy once you know what to do, but very difficult to find out if you are flying blind. The way to get the Peter Parker costume in Spiderman 2000 is to locate the hidden Kraven Room in the [...]

Stopping The Fog, My Review Of This Awesome Spiderman 2000 Level

Stopping The Fog, My Review Of This Awesome Spiderman 2000 Level, And My Personal Youtube Channel's Video to Boot! Stopping the fog is one of my favorite endgame levels to play in the Spiderman 2000 Play Station 1 game. The level starts off with Spiderman entering a new arena, having just made it past the Underwater Trenches level, which I rank as by far amongst my top five favorite levels to play, and with you now in a new venue. Spiderman [...]

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