Monster Ock Theme Song, Why This Tune Is So Iconic

The Monster Ock Theme Song is a tune that I will say I have always held near and dear to my heart. For starters, it is a very adventurous and amped up theme, and I remember that I have actually used it to get through some difficult times in my own personal life. The song puts you in the mood of attacking, fighting, running, and chasing, and it is something that will always bring back pleasant memories of my youth whenever I hear it at some point in my life. Albeit a bit weird probably to have a blog about Spiderman and Monster Ock, and to have multiple Web 2.0 Properties and a Youtube channel on the same topic, I feel that I will much enjoy writing this website. And so, enjoy this blog post on the Monster Ock Theme Song, and be sure to comment down below and to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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The Monster Ock Theme Song, Listen To That Awesome Tune In The Video Above!

It is a really awesome song and one that I still listen to quite frequently. In fact, you can get this awesome game’s full soundtrack just by a quick search on Youtube. Simply look up “Spiderman 2000 Soundtrack” and there is a playlist that will show you every single song in the game. I listen to Spidey vs Monster Ock when I need to get amped up for something, I listen to Underwater Trenches when I am at the tail end of something and need some motivation to push through, and I listen to the beats from the Mysterio fight when I am just plain bored and need some entertainment. Try this yourself if you are a Spiderman fan, it just might work!

Final Thoughts On The Monster Ock Theme Song

And that’s my 2 cents on this one. Only so much you can write about the Monster Ock Theme Song. More to come, and till next time, read on and subscribe!




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