How Was The Batman Who Laughs Defeated? The Best Comic Book I’ve Ever Read

How was the Batman who laughs defeated? This is a very good question about someone who is likely the most powerful supervillain in all of the DC comics ever, or at least somewhat close to it. As someone who is so smart, and so oriented towards being proactive, we see the Batman who laughs take out Superman and the rest of the justice league, as well as his bat squad, in superb fashion. I am going to write this blog post a little bit differently than I do most of my other articles, in that I am going to try and make it somewhat like a Comic Book so that you can get the full story of what happens in The Batman Who Laughs Comics, right up to where Batman takes out the Justice League. In one of the later Justice League episodes, we find that Batman has created plans for taking out every single member of the Justice League, based on targeted information regarding their weaknesses. In The Batman Who Laughs, we see these plans put into motion. The comic book starts as follows:

Batman finally takes out the Joker, releasing the final toxin as the Joker’s “last laugh”‘ that infects Batman

Batman talks to his closes teammates, Robin, Bat Girl and Nightwing in the Batcave, saying that he wanted to let them know that he had been infected with the dangerous toxin, and that could essentially turn into the joker at every single moment. They start thinking that maybe they should put him in Arkham or the Phantom Zone, until Batman says “no that won’t work. I wanted you all here since you were the one’s closes to me, and so you would notice something was wrong first. And I just cannot allow that.” He takes them all out right then and there with ease, using weapons he had stashed at the bat cave in order to do so. From this point on, he continues to get more and more powerful, even at one point getting quantum level cosmic powers in later comic books, becoming one of the most powerful beings in the entire Universe.

How Was The Batman Who Laughs Defeated?

How Was The Batman Who Laughs Defeated? Batman Taking Out The Justice League

From here, after the Batman who laughs takes out his original team, those closest to him who would have been the first to notice and who could have potentially stop him before his reign of terror began, he moves on to the Justice League. Having taken out every single member of the Justice League using his prior laid plans to do so, he tells Superman over the intercom “get here now there’s an emergency” to which Superman quickly gets to the Justice League. He arrives in horror to see that every single member of the Justice League has been taken out, with Bruce just saying “the air is filled with Kryptonite gas. It was nice knowing you” as superman starts to bleed from his lungs and loses all of his powers. From here, Batman throws him Black Kryptonite which also takes him out faster, but also makes him destroy his family. A truly brutal scene, and one of the most interesting and maniacal comic books ever written by far.

The Batman Who Laughs Vs Superman Who Laughs? Superman Deceives Batman Then Batman Deceives Superman Again

From here, the gist of it is we see Batman turn Superman into Superman who Laughs, and Robin into Robin Who Laughs as his puppets of chaos. Superman is technically deceiving Batman in that he cannot actually be overtook fully by the toxin, so it affects him but enough where Superman can still control it (different comic issue I believe, because Superman was just made DOA in the above. Maybe it’s another Universe?). Superman’s plan is to go along with Batman for awhile until [*update to this he took out every member of the Justice League except Superman, who he gave the serum to to try and create chaos on a Universal scale]. I might be getting some of the details off here as there are multiple versions of these comic books, but you get the gist here.

How Was The Batman Who Laughs Defeated?

A Very Dark Comic Book About The Power And The Dangers of Deception, A Lesson In Psychology

This comic book is actually a very dark lesson in the power of deception, and how it can really actually be used for good or evil. In the case of the regular Batman, it can be used to take out bad people and to keep regular civilians safe by taking out his enemies. It could also be used for evil, like for taking out the justice league, or for destroying everything. It is a very scary psychology lesson that is shown in this comic book, and while it is an extremely entertaining and creative comic book to read, it is actually a very deep psychology lesson at its roots.

How Was the Batman Who Laughs Defeated? Another Batman From Another Universe Eventually Took Him Out

The gist of how the Batman Who Laughs was eventually defeated is that Batman from another Universe who had dealt with this before during a different time, was able to take him out. I cannot recall if it was an antidote that Batman gave him or if it was something darker than that, but that is how he was eventually defeated. As a final update to this, Prime Universe Batman was aided by the Joker who were able to basically outwit the Batman Who Laughs together. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!




*Spidey Vs


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