Spidey vs Monster Ock, What Does Monster Ock Say?

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Spidey vs Monster Ock, What Does Monster Ock Say?

Erarrr Diee! This is what the beast says in this video game, as he is essentially just saying that he wants to take out Spiderman. Spiderman has foiled their plan essentially up to this point, and has now caused Ock to be taken over by the Carnage symbiote, meaning that both parties have merged to form this super powered being that Spiderman can’t even begin to fight. The writing and the graphics in this game are absolutely superb, and the way that they made Monster Ock form and be unbeatable, the way that they made it a chase level because the beast is so powerful, it all fits perfectly to end such a truly awesome game, especially for one that came out in 1999.

The Spiderman 2000 PS1 Video Game, My Take On This Awesome Video Game

My top ten favorite levels in the game to play are:

  1. Spidey vs Monster Ock
  2. Spidey vs Carnage
  3. Race to the Bugle
  4. Spidey vs Doc Ock
  5. Spidey vs Venom
  6. Chase Venom
  7. Spidey vs Mysterio
  8. Underwater Trenches
  9. Waterfront Warehouse
  10. Chase Venom

*Honorable Mention – Spidey vs Venom Again

My least favorite level to play is probably the crawling tunnel level in the Venom levels. I actually made an entire Youtube Channel dedicated to this video game and an entire video dedicated to just finishing up the Venom levels that was just published. I find these sort of the mid-point “grit” to the game, and its the start of the game where you are no longer at the beginning but are instead pushing through till the end. Once the Venom levels are fully over, you also find out about the Symbiotes, you fight Mysterio, you find Ock’s layer, you fight carnage and Stop the Fog, its all the fun stuff that happens.

Final Thoughts On Spidey vs Monster Ock, What Ock Says to Spidey

Overall, this was a truly great game and a very fun level. If you remember playing this game when you were younger and are considering buying it again, DO IT! It is a ton of fun to play and very nostalgic. I just bought it for the PC and I literally play it all the time. For more details and information on all things Marvel, be sure to keep reading out blog and to subscribe!




*The Spideyvsmonsterock.com Team!


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